Home Inspections

The fees for a professional and thorough inspection range anywhere from $200 to $500 depending on the size and age of the home and the services required. Don't be lured by some inspectors who only charge very low fees or offer cheap inspections without a website, company name or verifiable credentials. Good service does not come cheap.  You get what you pay for.  When spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a home, ensure you have a professional and thorough inspection to protect you with your biggest investment.

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Home Inspections

Mold, Allergen & Air Quality Testing

Thermal Imaging (Infrared Camera)

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Walk-Through Inspection

We also offer a service referred to as a "Walk-Through" inspection.  This is an ideal option if you are considering purchasing a home and consider it to be in good condition but want an inspection just to be sure.  During this inspection, the client will take notes of the findings. This option will save you money if you are trying to decide from multiple homes or if you find yourself in a bidding war.  A Walk-Through inspection will be concluded with a verbal report of the findings to assist you in making an informed purchase decision.

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